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Hi I'm Khalia!

My work as a camp counselor shaped my professional and academic life in ways I never could've imagined it would when I began as a cabin counselor and equestrian instructor at 18 years old. 8 years later my passion for camp has not dimmed in the slightest but shifted to focus more on how I can make camp a more welcoming space for all people. HerLegacy was born out of necessity as a grad school project but also out of my love for the power of community and the Legacy I hope that I left behind when my time at camp ended. HerLegacy is a resource for Black women and girls to learn more about summer camps and ways they can foster their own communities in those spaces.


I wish

I wish that when I was a shy, anxious 18 year old girl someone had given me these two letters to read before I committed myself to serving as a cabin counselor for almost 3 months. I don't think it would've deterred me from my plans, but it definitely would've prepared me better for the world I was about to enter into. I hope that by providing them for any other Black woman who is considering camp along with the stories here on HerLegacy, I'm leveling the playing field and letting you in on a side of camp that people don't want you to see.

This letter, written by Danya Randolph, a site coordinator for Camp in The Community, is a powerful look at the realities of what camp life is like for so many Black children but it also calls people to action and urges them to make camps safer and better for our children.

I was deeply moved by this letter written by Shola Jones and Simone Gamble on the Summer Camp Society website dedicated to Black summer camp counselors. It shares things that I wish I had been told before I stepped foot into a camp for my first summer and serves as a reminder that even though camp was not built for us, there is still room for Black people to thrive in that space.

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