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Khalia Frazier

My personal story

If someone were to ask me how I describe myself and my biggest passions I would have to go through a laundry list of things. I am a graduate student at Western Carolina University in the experiential and outdoor education program, an educator at a Christian preschool, a former camp counselor, and a camp diversity advocate. All of these things have shaped my passions both professionally and academically and led to the beginning of HerLegacy!


In 2022 I found myself newly fired from a place that I thought I would be affiliated with in some way for the rest of my life and it truly shook me to my core, causing me to question what my next move would be and if I would ever be in a camp space again. In the aftermath of that experience, I received an outpouring of love from people who had no clue what was going on in my professional life, messages from former campers detailing how my role as their counselor changed their lives and made them want to be counselors themselves. My legacy at camp was that of love and support for countless young women even in moments where I myself was not receiving much love or support. I chose every day to be the best version of myself even when I was tired or irritated or sad because I had people in my corner who supported me in those moments as well as the good ones. When I began grad school later that year I was drawn to this idea of legacy, of the things we leave behind when our time in a space comes to a close, and especially the legacy and impact that Black women leave behind with young Black girls. I hope that throughout this website and my podcast I am able to capture even a small snapshot of those legacies. The incredible stories and passions of Black women making connections and changing lives in these summer camps. I hope you'll join me on that journey!

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