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Listed below are websites and articles that helped me in my own research into the importance of legacy and community with other Black women in not only summer camp spaces but in the outdoors as a whole.

Black Outside.jpg

Black Outside, Inc.

Founded in 2019 by Alex Bailey, Black Outside works to reconnect Black/African-American youth to the outdoors through culturally relevant nature-based programming. 

the summer camp society.png

Letter to Black Counselors

I was deeply moved by this letter written by Shola Jones and Simone Gamble on the Summer Camp Society website. It shares things that I wish I had been told before I stepped foot into a camp for my first summer and serves as a reminder that even though camp was not built for us, there is still room for Black people to thrive in that space. 

Black girls hike.webp

Black Girls Hike

Founded by Asia B., Black Girls Hike highlights and presents black women and POC in nature through outdoor adventures.

camp in the community.webp

Camp is For Black Kids

This letter written by Danaya Randolph, a site coordinator for Camp In the Community, is a powerful look at the realities of what camp life is like for so many Black children but it also calls people to action and urges them to make camps safer and better for our children.

she colors nature_edited.jpg

She Colors Nature

Chelsea Murphy is an outdoor Advocate, enthusiast, creative, inspirer who's goal is to create a more inclusive outdoor culture for her own children and, in turn, other Black people.

all bodies outside.png

All Bodies Outside

This podcast, hosted by Dr. Brian Peterson, aims to increase outdoor recreation participation, examine associated social barriers, and to boost societal conservation ethic while celebrating diversity in these spaces.

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